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Pump Up Pirate Racing Action Game


Pump Up Pirates Racing Action Game.

A new fun and challenging action game for all the family.

This is a competitive junior board game packed with fun, intensity, physical activity and laughter.

Pump Up Pirates is a game that comes with two inflatable Pirates and 2 pumps, players will have to compete to be the one who pumps the pirate up first.

This action game requires high dexterity and endurance, and will require children to improve their coordination while encouraging exercise

Pump Up Pirates is an incredibly fun game for kids aged 4 and above, enjoy precious time with family and friends with this friendly yet competitive junior board game.

Suitable for 2 to 4 players

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Pump Up Pirates Racing Action Game.

Ready, steady, go! Who will be the first to pump up their pirate with the Pump Up Pirates?

Prepare for a pushing, pumping race to blow up the pirates, using your hands or feet to quickly blow your pirate up and watching them bob and weave as they grow bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger...

For two players – the first to fully inflate their pirate wins the game.

Pump Up Pirates contains two pumps and two pirates.

Suitable for children aged 4 years and over.

Brand - TOMY



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